Friday, 20 July 2012

Improvement Experiments Kanban

The team are very keen to always improve their agile practices, with many suggestions coming out of each sprint retrospective. Some of these get implemented, stick, and become part of the new way of doing things. Others fall by the wayside and are forgotten.

Improvements can be things like:
  • Implement pre-dev checks to explain the work that will be done
  • Rotate the scrum master role around the team to keep it fresh and ensure everyone is involved
  • Create a Readiness Board to ensure stories are prepared enough to go into a sprint

We had a few excellent sessions with Matt Wynne and his colleague Rob last week, where they helped us to focus our improvements.

The Kanban board is courtesy of Agility in Mind, and was re-purposed to become an Improvement Experiments board for the team.

The idea behind the Improvements Experiments is that, rather than just a collection of "good things we should be doing", some structure gets added to the process improvement.

Here's the process in a nutshell from Matt & co:

We've already started tracking items on the board, and so far have proven 3 experiments. So it seems that we're onto something here!

Have you had any success with methods of tracking the improvements your Agile team suggests during the sprint retrospective? Please comment and share your experience.

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